Luis Manzano recently spoke up for the first time regarding his father Edu Manzano’s new romance with actress Cherry Pie Picache, saying that everybody was caught off guard by it.

In an interview with G3 San Diego on her YouTube Channel, Luis stated that no one saw it coming when the news broke about their relationship.

“I don’t even think dad and Tita Pie saw it coming,” he joked. “I think a friend of mine took a picture of them and he sent me a picture. He was with Dad and Tita Pie. They might have been on a date night,” said Luis.

“So I sent the picture back to Daddy. I said, ‘Daddy, you look like a happy boy’ and he said, ‘Yes son, happy.’”

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Cherry Pie posted affectionate greetings on her social media for Edu’s birthday

Luis, however, stressed that he is happy for his father, stating that he learned how to respect his partner by seeing how Edu takes care of loved ones.

“It would boil down to the same thing, how he respects his partner. That’s one thing I see in Daddy. How he takes care of his partner really. I can also see how happy he is with Tita Pie,” he added.

Edu confirmed his romance with his “Marry Me, Marry You” co-star last month, following reports of the two being seen together.

The actor was married twice before, to Vilma Santos, who gave him Luis, and later to Maricel Soriano. Meanwhile, Cherry was previously with partner Gary Tria, of whom she has a son with named Nio.

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Luis alongside wife Jessy Mendiola and mum Vilma Santos

(Photo Source: Luis Manzano Instagram, Cherry Pie Picache Instagram, Philstar)