Kim Domingo recently admitted that she seemed to have lost a lot of followers following her decision to reduce the number of photos of her in sexy clothes.

As reported on GMA News, the actress, who spoke about it recently in an online interview, stated that her decision to tone down her sexy image seemed to have made some segment of her followers lose their interest, but that she will not change her decision for anything.

“I can’t do it again. I prefer that they see how I have something else besides being sexy,” she said. “But I noticed the changes. Some people are missing. There are followers who have disappeared and the numbers have also gone down.”

Despite that, Kim stated that she is happy with her choice, as it is “what her heart wants”.

As to whether this means that she will not be doing anymore sexy roles, Kim said that she is not saying never, but that she would rather focus on showing her talents as an artiste.

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Kim goes from sexy siren to sweet starlet

(Photo Source: Kim Domingo Instagram)