Hong Kong singer and MIRROR member Keung To recently revealed that he has no plans to stay too long in showbiz, as he plans to emigrate to a foreign country in several years.

In an interview with “Idol Hall of Fame”, the 22-year-old idol said that he recently spoke to his mother about his plans, saying that he will retire from Hong Kong showbiz at the age of 29.

“I would definitely visit New York at least once. You may not recognise me by then. I also want to save money and buy a property before I turn 30, one floor for my own residence, and another floor where I rent it to other people,” he said.

Seeing that the singer is now 22, it looks like there is only seven years more to go before he is calling it quits.

Keung To wants to retire at age 29, celeb asia, keung to, theHive.Asia
The young singer has made plans for his future

In the same interview, Keung To also spoke about his condition in choosing a romantic partner.

“A year ago, I want a girl with long hair and all that, but there is currently no standard set. I just hope the other party will love my music,” he said.

Keung also laughed and said that before dating someone, he will make sure that the girl will see his photos as a fat boy prior to his debut.

“I will tell her that I would be that again in a few years, and she will only pass if she can accept it. Then I don’t have to try and lose weight to find another one,” he said, lightheartedly.

Keung To wants to retire at age 29, celeb asia, keung to, theHive.Asia
Keung To is never shy to admit that he used to be overweight

(Photo Source: Keung To Instagram)