Janella Salvador really is embodying her character in the upcoming “Darna” series by introducing her new pet snake to the world.

The actress, who will be playing Darna’s archnemesis and serpent queen Valentina, took to social media on 14 December to introduce her new “baby”, a ball python, which she happily displayed on her shoulder like the snake charmer that she is.

“Welcoming this baby to my zoo. His name is… Valentino. (see what I did there?)” she posted.

Valentino is not Janella’s first snake baby though, as the actress introduced her first snake pet earlier this month that she named Versace.

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Janella also has this little one called Versace

Reportedly, Janella’s version of Valentina for the upcoming Jane de Leon-starrer would be a lawyer-cum-vlogger, who is cursed with venomous snakes for her hair.

The upcoming “Darna” series also marks the actress’ comeback after she took a hiatus to give birth to her and Markus Paterson’s first child, Jude.

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Janella and Jude pre-snakes

(Photo Source: Janella Salvador Instagram)