Despite the continuous romance rumours between the two of them, Hubert Wu recently stressed that he and Sisley Choi are just friends.

In an interview with Mingpao recently, the singer, whose romance rumour with the TVB actress sparked again after the latter was spotted attending his concert for two consecutive nights, stated that the two of them are “comrades who support each other spiritually.”

“Our topic is no longer just about eating, drinking and having fun. We discuss in depth about being a good actor, a good singer, and a good person, and we both strive for achievements in our careers. Whenever one party experience setbacks, the other will give encouragement,” he said.

Hubert added that he is happy to be able to have such a friend in Sisley.

Asked if there is a chance for their relationship to rise to the next level, the singer stated that he would not rule it out.

“There is nothing impossible. But we will always prioritise our careers,” he said.

Speaking about marriage, Hubert stated that he hopes that he will be able to be a man who can support his family but is able to spend time with them as well.

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Hubert and Sisley are friends who support each other

(Photo Source: Hubert Wu Instagram, Sisley Choi Instagram)