Grace Wong recently announced that she is “graduating” from TVB.

The actress shared the news of her departure on social media last weekend with a photo of her in a graduation robe and cap, saying that leaving the company felt like some sort of a graduation as she has gone from being a pageant queen, working as a host, to starting her acting career with the company.

“Everyone asks me: What do you like most about singing, dancing and acting? If you stop for a while and think about it, do you have to pick a point? Regardless of whether it’s singing, acting or dancing, I won’t stop because all three have the same challenges and satisfaction!” she wrote.

7cn gracewongdeparttvb01
What a journey it has been

Grace also thanked all her colleagues in TVB who taught her how to act and to be a better person, as well as the directors and producers who gave her the opportunities.

“It’s been a great journey here and I wouldn’t have changed it for anything because it made me into the person I am today!” she added.

Grace, who is also a singer using the moniker G.Racie, still has two more series that have yet to be aired with TVB; the Jazz Boon produced “Chinatown” and “I’ve Got the Power”.

7cn gracewongdeparttvb02
Perhaps Grace will be focusing on her singing career

(Photo Source: Grace Wong Instagram)