After she was revealed to be dating comic artist Lu Ming back in 2018, former F.I.R. member Faye recently shared that she has actually been single for three years now.

The Taiwanese singer, who was asked about her love life at a press conference to promote her new album, “Faye, Wen Ting Zhan Zai Yun Cai Shang Tiao Wu Ji Ji Zha Zha”, stated that the two of them are still friends despite the breakup.

“A relationship doesn’t necessarily mean you have to be together in the end. There are many ways for you to appreciate one another,” she said.

7cn fayesingle01
Faye celebrated the birth of her new album with a cake!

Faye also stated that she has been very busy with work for the past few years and is too distracted to actually date someone and fall in love again.

“Now that the new album is finally born, falling in love will be next,” she joked.

Speaking of her ideal man, Faye, who is Catholic, smiled and said that physical attributes are just the icing on the cake.

“The most important thing is to have a fear of God. This is very difficult to find. I really need someone who can grow with me,” she added.

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Faye’s album will be dropping on 30 December

(Photo Source: Faye Instagram)