EXILE’s Keiji Kuroki recently announced that he is now married to YouTuber Reika Miyazaki (aka Reika Marianna).

The singer shared the good news on social media with a couple of black and white photos, one of him with his bride, and another one of the newly wedded couple showing off their wedding rings while two other smaller hands are placed on top of it.

Admitting that the two have been together for a long time, Keiji stated that he is happy to start his new life with Reika and her two children as one happy family.

“I was attracted by the way she devotes herself to her work as a mother and a company manager, and how much she takes care of me even when I am busy. As I am turning 42 soon, I would like to protect her and her children and make them happy,” he added.

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They are now a family
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The gorgeous bride

“You’ve shown me unconditional love and I never knew this kind of ‘home’ was possible until you came into my life. Not being the traditional marriage, and through the criticism and downs, I’m sure there were many times you could have backed out. But when you asked me to marry you, you made this “difficult” decision seem like it was the easiest, most natural decision of your life. You’re honestly too good to be true and I thank you and all the experiences I’ve gone through too. Because if I had done one thing differently, I would have never met you.”

Reika also shared similar photos on her social media account, and wrote, “Everything in my life has led me to you… Your love makes me stronger and you hold me when I’m weak. You bring out the best in me and you also love me at my worst. I know I’m far from perfect but the way you look at me and the children everyday like it’s your birthday brings me to tears.”

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Reika was a single mum
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Keiji readily accepts and loves Reika’s children

(Photo Source: Keiji Instagram, Reika Miyazaki Instagram)