After losing his final appeal at the Taiwan Supreme Court back in September, director Doze Niu is finally starting to serve his four-year imprisonment sentence on 30 November.

The disgraced director was recently spotted appearing for his first day of sentence, smiling and bowing to the media before entering the Hualien District Prosecutor’s Office to begin the process.

“Thank you for your concern,” he told the media, before reporting to the bailiff’s room.

Doze smiled and bowed to the media

It is noted that Doze was originally scheduled to begin his prison sentence on 2 November, but appealed to delay it in order to take care of his elderly mother.

The District Prosecutor’s office agreed to postpone it to 30 November, after he provided them with his mother’s medical report.

It was back in April last year that the “Monga” director was found guilty of sexually assaulting a female staff member in an incident that occurred in 2018. He later appealed the conviction, but was dismissed by the High Court and again by the Supreme Court.

Doze has exhausted all legal appeals