Japanese singer-songwriter Chihiro Onitsuka has recently released an apology, following her arrest for damaging an ambulance in Shibuya.

On 3 December, the singer retweeted a statement released by her company Napoleon Records, which read, “I deeply apologise to the rescuers, the Tokyo Fire Department, officials, the fans, and many more. I thank you and apologise for the inconvenience caused to others due to my inappropriate behaviour.”

She also added that she has regretted her action.

It was back on 28 November that Chihiro was arrested by the Shibuya police for kicking and denting an ambulance. The said vehicle was there to help an acquaintance of the singer who was ill.

Another ambulance had to be dispatched to help the other party.

In her statement to the police, Chihiro stated that her action was caused by a comment made by a passerby that had angered her.

(Photo Source: Arama Japan)