Japanese singer-songwriter Chihiro Onitsuka was recently arrested by the police.

Her crime? Kicking an ambulance.

According to FNN News, the 41-year-old, most known for the song, “Gekko”, was arrested in Shibuya on the night of 28 November after she kicked the rear of an ambulance and dented the vehicle.

The said vehicle was reportedly there to help a friend of Chihiro who was having a convulsion while they were out playing pachinko.

The singer told the police that she kicked the ambulance after a passerby said something unpleasant, causing her to “panic”. Several witnesses stated that both Chihiro and the friend seemed drunk but were not smelling of alcohol.

Chihiro performed a drug test at the police station after heading to the hospital to accompany the said friend, with the results to be revealed at a later time.

(Photo Source: Billboard Japan)