Despite already showing off her baby bump in various photos on social media, Anjaylia Chan revealed that there are still people who asked her to show her pregnant belly.

Which is why the actress recently decided to share a photo of her in a sports bra and jeans – her protruding belly clear for all to see.

She wrote, “Since I was pregnant with Hosanna three years ago, then with Eliana, and now this, the one question people asked the most is “Where is your pregnant belly?” Here! My pregnant belly and I say Hi.”

Speaking to the media about the said photo recently, Anjaylia stated that she really is perplexed by people’s interest in her pregnancy.

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Anjaylia: My pregnant belly and I say Hi

“Some people even believed that I didn’t give birth to my eldest daughter and instead used a surrogate,” she added.

On the other hand, when asked about the baby’s arrival, Anjaylia said that her third child will be born during the Christmas period.

“I hope I can “unload” after the holiday because I do want to enjoy the festive season and eat as much as I can,” she said.

Anjaylia and her husband Epaphras Wong announced that they are expecting their third child back in July this year, just ten months after she gave birth to her second daughter Eliana.

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Anjaylia and husband Epaphras Wong have two daughters already

(Photo Source: Anjaylia Chan Instagram)