Anita Yuen recently took to social media to apologise on behalf of her son, after 15-year-old Morton Cheung sparked mainlanders’ anger over his recent social media post.

The whole issue sparked earlier this week, when Morton, who did a Q&A on Instagram Story, was asked by someone if he was in China at the moment.

Morton then posted a background photo of Hong Kong, and wrote, “No, not right now.”

The post, which seemed normal to most people, did trigger mainland netizens, who accused the teenager of claiming Hong Kong to be independent of China instead of a part of the country.

In a response to the backlash, Anita posted a clarification on Weibo, saying that Morton’s misuse of English words was just a misunderstanding.

“We discovered the mistake in time and immediately corrected it. We also repeatedly emphasised the correct use of words as not to repeat the same mistake again,” she said.

As Morton’s parents, Anita and on behalf of her husband, apologised and blamed themselves for his blunder, and stressed that the whole family loves China, Hong Kong and are firm supporters of one China.

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Morton is the only child of Anita and her husband Julian Cheung

(Photo Source: Anita Yuen Instagram)