Anita Mui’s mother Tam Mei Kam has recently released a statement denying involvement in her son Peter Mui’s decision to sue Edko Films for trademark infringement.

As reported on Mingpao, soon after news broke that Peter is filing a claim at the High Court, Tam – known to Anita’s fans as Mama Mui – expressed in her statement, “I will not participate in related matters or make a comment on this, and hereby issue a statement.”

Mama Mui, who was admitted to the hospital recently, stated that she decided to make a statement regarding the issue to let people know that she had no clue about the claim.

Mama Mui: I have nothing to do with it

“It has nothing to do with me. I don’t want the outside world to misunderstand and think I was involved as well,” she added.

Asked if she can persuade Peter to stop, Mama Mui responded, “If I do that, will he listen to me?”

In his claim that he filed at the Hong Kong High Court on 2 December, Peter stated that Edko Films infringed his rights to two registered trademarks – including the name Anita Mui.

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Peter Mui claims that the production company of ‘Anita’ has infringed his trademark rights

(Photo Source: : Anita.Movie Instagram, Oriental Sunday, HK01)