Barbie Hsu’s former husband Wang Xiaofei recently released an apology to Taiwanese entertainer Blackie Chen following a wrongful accusation made by his mother regarding the TV host.

As reported on Oriental Daily, the whole issue started with Wang’s mother Zhang Lan deciding to go live on social media on 28 November, sharing several things with her followers including allegations that her son was beaten by Blackie.

It was also implied that the supposed conflict stemmed from their different political opinions, arousing the anger of many Chinese netizens who decided to attack Blackie and even wife Christine Fan on social media.

Unexpectedly, not soon after Zhang Lan’s statement, Wang went online to apologise and deny the allegations, saying, “Blackie Chen and I are good friends. Fan Fan is also like a sister to me. We haven’t had any disputes over values and opinion. Misinformation leads to misunderstandings of some of my family members. I am really sorry. I apologise to Blackie once again.

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Zhang Lan accused the wrong guy

Zhang Lan has also posted a video after the incident, stating that she had accused the wrong person and urged others not to further make the situation worse.

As for Blackie, the TV host’s camp released a statement that read, “Ms Lan just posted an acknowledgment of the wrong person, and Xiao Fei also posted an apology. Thank you, everyone. Blackie is now focusing on the opening of the P. League+. Thank you, and thank you for your hard work.”

This is not the first time that Wang’s mother has made a statement that angered many. Earlier, following news of her son’s divorce from Barbie Hsu, she went online and said that she pities her son for taking over 700 round trips over the past ten years for Barbie’s sake, causing netizens to slam her for meddling in her son’s business.

Blackie has been busy with the opening of P.League+

(Photo Source: BlackieChen Instagram, ET Today, TVBS)