After taking a break from acting work following 2019’s “Somewhere Winter”, Wallace Huo surprised many recently by making a guest appearance in his wife Ruby Lin’s series, “Light the Night”.

In the eighth episode of the series, the character Sue (played by Cheryl Yang) went to prison to visit a man (played by Wallace). The two talked on the phone separated by the glass partition, with Wallace’s character telling Sue, “Sister, my life is yours. If it weren’t for you, my life is long gone.”

His appearance in the series quickly became trending on Chinese social media, with many expressing adorations for the actor for showing his affection to his wife by appearing in her drama (despite not in a scene with her). Ruby is the producer and lead actress in the drama series. gif maker 3
A scene from Wallace’s appearance in the episode

It is noted that Wallace had been expressing dilemma about his acting career as early as 2018 while filming, “Ruyi’s Royal Love in the Palace”.

The actor once stated in an interview that it took him quite a while to separate himself from his role as Emperor Qianlong, and that the experience of working in the series made him even more selective with his later projects.

Wife Ruby Lin also revealed that the actor has decided to be pickier with his projects to have more time with their four-year-old daughter.

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Ruby is the producer and lead actress in ‘Light the Night’

(Photo Source: Ruby Lin Instagram, Oriental Daily, SOHU)