“The Falls” has recently become the big winner at the 58th Golden Horse Awards.

The movie, which stars Alyssa Chia and Gingle Wang, won four awards out of its 11 nominations, including Best Actress for Alyssa Chia and the coveted Best Film award.

The film also won Best Original Screenplay as well as Best Original Film Score.

Directed by Chung Mong-hong, “The Falls” tells the story of a mother and her teenage daughter whose relationship becomes strained while they quarantined in their apartment during the COVID-19 pandemic. Chung was nominated in the Best Director category but did not win.  However, the film has been selected as the Taiwanese entry for the Best International Feature Film at the 94th Academy Awards.

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Alyssa Chia (right) and Gingle Wang (left) are on-screen mother and daughter in ‘The Falls’, by director Chung Mong-hong (middle)

On the other hand, Alyssa, who won her first Best Actress award at the said event, stated that she is honoured to be working on the movie.

“I love my life, I love work, and I have not forgotten my original intention. I will continue to grasp the passion for performance, and I will continue to perform. Thank you for everyone and everything that appears in my life. Every stumbling, every happiness, I keep him in my heart and in my mind,” she said.

11 10
It’s a Best Actress win for Alyssa Chia

Winners are as follows:

  • BEST FEATURE FILM: “The Falls”
  • BEST DIRECTOR: Clara Law (“Drifting Petals”)
  • BEST LEADING ACTOR: Chang Chen (“The Soul”)
  • BEST LEADING ACTRESS: Alyssa Chia (“The Falls”)
  • BEST SUPPROTING ACTOR: Liu Kuan-ting (“Trick or Treat”)
  • BEST SUPPORTING ACTRESS: Wang Yu-xuan (“Goddamned Asura”)
  • BEST NEW DIRECTOR: Fion Roan Feng-i (“American Girl”)
  • BEST NEW PERFORMER: Caitlin Fang (“American Girl”)
  • BEST ORIGINAL SCREENPLAY: Chung Mong-hong, Chang Yaosheng (“The Falls”)
  • BEST ADAPTED SCREENPLAY: Jun Li (“Drifting”)
  • BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY: Giorgos Valsamis (“American Girl”)
  • BEST VISUAL EFFECTS: Archin Yen (“Till We Meet Again”)
  • BEST ART DIRECTION: Huang Mei-ching, Liang Shuo-lin, Liao Huei-li (“The Soul”)
  • BEST MAKEUP AND COSTUME DESIGN: Singing Lin, Hsiao Pai-chen, Liu Hsien-chia (“Till We Meet Again”)
  • BEST ACTION CHOREOGRAPHY: Chan Man-fai, Chu Ke-feng, Feng Ren-zhi (“Nezha”)
  • BEST ORIGINAL FILM SCORE: Lu Lu-ming (“The Falls”)
  • BEST FILM EDITING: Shieh Meng-ju (“The Soul”)
  • BEST SOUND EFFECTS: R.T Kao, Chu Shih-yi (“Till We Meet Again”)
  • AUDIENCE CHOICE AWARD: “American Girl”
  • FIPRESCI PRIZE: “American Girl”
  • LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD: Lin Tsan-ting, Tsai Yang-ming

(Photo Source: China Times, CNA)