Terrance Lau recently admitted that he nearly turned down the offer to portray Leslie Cheung in “Anita”.

As reported on Bastille Post, the actor, who sat down for an interview alongside co-stars Louise Wong (also known as Wang Danni) and Fish Liew, stated that he was at first afraid of the pressure to do well, seeing that Leslie was and still is a beloved icon.

“I thought about rejecting the role at first because I was under great pressure. But then I thought that it was a really rare opportunity for a newcomer like me to get such a role, so I agreed,” he said.

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Terrance with co-star Louise Wong

In preparation for the role, the actor stated that he watched a lot of Leslie’s past interviews and spoke to many people who knew him, including make-up artists and behind-the-scenes workers.

Talking about the role, Terrance stated that the most challenging part of playing the role was to express Leslie’s appeal.

“Leslie was born a star. He is able to attract everybody’s attention without any effort. That is the most difficult thing to do,” he said.

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Terrance Lau plays the role of Leslie Cheung

(Photo Source: Terrance Lau Instagram , Anita.Movie FB)