After a year of marriage with TV personality Mickey Huang, actress Summer Meng recently announced that they are having a baby.

On 16 November, the Taiwanese actress posted a clip of an ultrasound of her baby, and revealed that she has been pregnant for three months.

“The ultrasound video is when [the foetus] was two months old. Its little hands were greeting us,” she said.

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Summer is a glowing mummy-to-be

The ultrasound clip also revealed the due date to be 22 May next year, which will be two months after Mickey turns 50.

“I think it’s really amazing to have a life of six or seven centimetres in my belly. I haven’t had morning sickness once during pregnancy. The doctor said I’m very suitable for pregnancy. Hahaha. But the depression caused by hormones was the toughest. But don’t worry, my husband and friends have tried their best to pull me out and get some sun exposure. Try to maintain this as much as possible,” she added.

It was just last month that Mickey stated that he is taking slow steps to retiring from showbiz, and want to spend his time taking his wife on various travels.

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The couple tied the knot last year

(Photo Source: Summer Meng Instagram, Mickey Huang Facebook)