Lisa Ch’ng recently assured that everything is fine with boyfriend Mat Yeung, who is currently appealing against his DUI charges.

As reported on Mingpao, the actress, who appeared at the premiere event of TVB’s new drama, “A Love of No Words”, stated that the actor has been very strong and positive in dealing with his situation and did not lose his appetite at all following his recent conviction.

“He has gained weight and would exercise to reduce pressure,” she said.

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Lisa is standing by her man

Asked if Mat was disappointed with the verdict, Lisa responded, “I don’t want to comment much at this stage. It would be unfair to him. I will stay by his side.”

As to whether the two of them will postpone their wedding plans until the case is resolved, Lisa said that she has never worried about such a thing.

“I want to settle several things before we plan lifelong events,” she said, though added that she would love to have a baby.

Earlier this month, Mat was found guilty of all charges and sentenced to 18 days in prison, with a HKD2,000 fine and driving license suspension of two years, more than a year after he was arrested after crashing his car in Mid-Levels, Hong Kong and allegedly refusing to provide blood samples for a blood alcohol test.

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Mat plans to appeal following his conviction

(Photo Source: Lisa Ch’ng Instagram, Mat Yeung Instagram, Stand News)