Internet celebrity Du Meizhu, most known for being the catalyst to Kris Wu’s downfall, recently denied rumours that she has been expelled from university.

As reported on Oriental Daily, the 19-year-old, who was studying at Communication University of China in Beijing, was recently rumoured to have been dropped from the school because of her said scandal with the former pop star.

However, on 8 November, Du took to social media to deny the report by sharing a certificate with her university’s stamp which revealed that it was she who decided to withdraw from her studies there.

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Du Meizhu showed that it was she who withdrew from university

“I left the Communication University of China only because I want to leave Beijing,” she posted. “I want to leave this city that caused my depression and to restore my health.”

Du added that she didn’t want to disappoint those who supported her, and will use the law to protect herself.

On the other hand, it was reported that Du also mentioned in her live broadcast that she will try her best to retake her university entrance examination and get into her ideal university.

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Du Meizhu made headlines months ago for accusing Kris Wu of being a sexual predator

(Photo Source: Kris Wu Instagram, SINA, Oriental Daily)