He was on the rise, he was cancelled, and he is now on the rise again, as it was revealed that Kim Seon-Ho has now regained all of the projects he lost due to his previous abortion scandal.

As reported on Chosun, the actor, whose fate with new movie, “Sad Tropics” (working title) was hanging in the balance, was recently revealed to have not been fired from the project.

The production company expressed in a statement that they have made the decision to continue the film with Kim after much deliberation instead of finding his replacement.

The same goes to several brands he endorsed, including the online shopping platform 11Street, which posted an ad featuring the actor on 1 November.

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Kim Seon-Ho’s 11th Day ad was shared by 11Street on 1 November

Another brand, mask manufacturer Mi Mask also reuploaded an ad that they had taken down on 28 October, with the CEO saying that the company decided to continue on with their collaboration after seeing the courtesy and kindness that the actor has shown since his scandal made headlines.

Mask manufacturer Mi Mask continues their collaboration with the actor

The “Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha” star previously found himself dragged into a scandal after his ex-girlfriend alleged on the internet that Kim had forced her to have an abortion under false pretenses.

However, following Kim’s apology, Korean news outlet Dispatch released two articles that chronicled the series of events that took place between Kim and his ex-girlfriend, with the other party being portrayed as the one who has been using Kim all along.

Kim Sean-Ho and his co-star Shin Min Ah starred in the hit ‘Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha’

(Photo Source: Kim Seon-Ho Instagram, Chosun, EDaily)