Katarina Rodriguez recently confirmed that she has given birth to her first child.

The Miss World Philippines 2018 announced the good news on social media on 14 November with a photo of her baby lying on her chest, writing, “You’ll be in my heart, from this day on, now and forevermore. Robert Joaquin Rodriguez Barbers stole my heart like no one has before.”

In the same post, she also revealed that her baby was born back on 25 August.

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Katarina named her son Robert Joaquin Rodriguez Barbers

She also shared about her experience of giving birth to her child, which she nicknamed Quino, writing, “Quino was born at 8.5lbs or 3.8kgs. He is a huge baby. And long. I remember feeling his body and legs slither down my birth canal. [Coleen Garcia] was kind enough to lend me her birthing pool, having to send it from Manila to Davao. She also gave me some words of encouragement and after I delivered she shared with me some of her story. She called the part where the head is engaged to come out of the birth canal the ring of fire. A term that couldn’t be more fitting because it felt like my cervix was burning every time I had the urge to push.”

“I realised all four elements come into play during delivery. The element of fire present as the ring of fire, or burning sensation happening in my Muldhara, or earth chakra. The element of air, or breathe, in my breathing technique where fire again is present as the breath of fire (the fast paced breathing I clung to for one hour). The element of earth, the humbling act of mother giving birth to child, where baby passes through her earth chakra. And of course, the element of water, balancing the presence of fire, cooling down the burning sensations in my thighs, lower back and cervix.”

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Katarina’s partner Niño was beside her throughout her labour

“Contractions are often compared to as sets of waves. I thought of the sets that occur while surfing, trying to catch a wave or survive when you get caught in a set. But then I realised a woman giving birth isn’t experiencing these waves, but rather she is like the ocean, the waves are a part of her. The pain and relaxation or every contraction and rest in between is an extension of the mother. Surrendering to my own body reminded me of how Mother Nature calls on the ocean to have episodes like that of giving birth, raging sets of waves, then calm, steady rests in between. I’ll keep this thought forever, a woman is an ocean of her own.”

“I’ll never forget how the pain suddenly disappeared when his head came out. I was shocked that there was no more contractions, no more fire, no pain. And there was a tiny little human floating in the water, I felt like an animal, confused as to where he came from, amazed as to how this baby came from me. This must be the proudest moment of my life.”

It is noted that Katarina first shared news of her pregnancy in August, revealing in her vlog that she and partner Niño Barbers are having their first baby together.

(Photo Source: Katarina Rodriguez Instagram)