Jessy Mendiola recently admitted that the reason that she has put her career on hold temporarily was to prepare herself for future motherhood.

As reported on ABS-CBN, the actress, who spoke about her said plan recently, stated that she has been working out with the hope that she will be healthy enough to get pregnant.

“Health is also a priority. I’m preparing for that. That’s why I’m not [coming back] yet. I still work out. Mostly that’s what they always say that when you get pregnant you shouldn’t work out too much. But it’s more of what you’re used to in life. If you can work out, you have to still continue doing it. But of course, less weights, less strenuous activities,” she said.

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Jessy wants to be healthy for pregnancy

At the same time, Jessy admitted that she does miss acting and working with her co-stars.

“I’m really focused on building my life with Luis. But I would love to go back. As in I miss acting, I miss shooting and hopefully there will be a good script soon,” she added.

Asked how many children she and husband Luis Manzano want, Jessy said that the actor wants to have five, while three would be enough for her.

The couple tied the knot in February this year, after five years in a relationship.

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Jessy and Luis are making baby plans

(Photo Source: Jessy Mendiola Instagram, Luis Manzano Instagram)