Nearly a month after the road incident that injured an innocent Grab driver, actor Jake Cuenca revealed that he recently took some time off work to visit the said man at his home.

On 7 November, the actor shared several photos of him at the home of one Eleazar Martinito, the man who was injured in the incident that occurred between Jake and a group of plainclothes police officers, saying that he was happy to get the opportunity to do so.

“Sincerely thanks to the police who helped you, and became a bridge for me to get to know you,” he wrote. “I am so thankful to God that you are doing well with your family. I wish you continued safety and wish you a speedy return to your work.”

Jake added that he will make sure to be there for the said man.

In a previous interview, the actor stated that he did not stop when being chased by the authority after hitting a cop car as he didn’t even realise that he had done so in the first place. Jake added that seeing people in civilian clothes shooting at him only prompted him to drive faster, before a stray bullet hit the said innocent Grab driver who was also nearby.

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Jake visited the Grab driver who is recuperating at home

(Photo Source: Jake Cuenca Instagram)