After letting her career take a backseat to motherhood, Isabella Leong revealed that she is now ready to get back to doing more film projects.

As reported on Mingpao, the actress, who stars in Ann Hui’s new movie, “Love After Love”, stated that she is looking at several scripts right now.

“I want to tackle a villainous role the most because I have played a good character all the time,” she said.

Asked if her three sons are fine about her getting back to work, Isabella said that they have no problems with it.

“They want to see me playing a superhero. I would love to do that as well,” she said.

Speaking about her role in the Ann Hui movie, the actress said that she felt bad having to decline Ann before, seeing that she was not in Hong Kong when the offer was first made.

“I was also not ready at the time. But then Ann asked me again two years later, so I agreed,” she said.

Isabella’s last movie was the 2019 “Missbehaviour”.

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Isabella (second from left) with director Ann Hui (second from right)

(Photo Source: Isabella Leong Instagram)