Hubert Wu recently dismissed the notion that he is avoiding Alfred Hui, whom he used to be close friends with in the past.

As reported on HK01, the rumour sparked again following an event on 8 November, in which the two singers appeared at the same event but had zero communication with one another on stage. Hubert was also spotted leaving the event much earlier.

When asked about it on the set of his new drama, “Return of the Cuckoo”, Hubert denied that he was avoiding Alfred, and said that they did greet each other back stage.

“It’s just that the whole schedule was hectic, so we didn’t have any time to greet each other properly. I also had to leave to shoot my music video and continued working until 5am,” Hubert explained.

Hubert also stressed that it wasn’t just Alfred that he didn’t have time to talk to, as he has been too busy to go out with other friends as well.

“I don’t even have time to accompany people at home,” he said.

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Hubert used to be close to Alfred Hui

(Photo Source: Hubert Wu Instagram, Alfred Hui Instagram)