Although he would rather be with his wife and daughter in Hong Kong, Him Law recently revealed that he will be returning to mainland China next year to earn more money.

In an interview with Mingpao, the “Kids’ Lives Matter” actor revealed that he struggled a lot before making the decision, seeing that it would affect his relationship with his daughter Hera, who is still very young.

“Whenever I came back, the relationship between us became weak. But there is no other way. It’s better to start now than later,” he said.

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Bonding time with his princess

When asked how he managed being away from wife Tavia Yeung, Him said that mutual trust is the key to maintaining relationship between husband and wife.

“Many friends remind me to behave. I don’t want to disappoint my daughter,” he said, adding that he would even discuss with Tavia if there are any intimate scenes in his acting work. “Fortunately, she is an actor too and understands the need and nature of the story. We respect each other.”

On the other hand, Him said that he and Tavia are currently working hard to have another child so that their daughter will have a sibling to play with in the future.

“The goal is to just have two children and that’s it,” he said.

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Him and wife Tavia are planning for another baby

(Photo Source: Him Law InstagramTavia Yeung Instagram)