Former celebrity couple Fan Bingbing and Li Chen recently dismissed rumours that they have actually tied the knot in the past.

As reported on Oriental Daily, the whole issue started with a supposed lawyer-turned-blogger, who claimed that he once accepted a tax evasion case for a female celebrity who was already married at the time.

He added that the celebrity, whom he named “F”, apologised soon after her yin-yang contracts were exposed, and that her husband who was filming overseas quickly got a divorce as soon as the case was settled.

While the blogger made no mention of anyone, many speculated that he was talking about Fan Bingbing and her former fiancé, Li Chen – with many believing that the two could have wedded in secret and divorced the same way to avoid Li getting affected as well.

In response to the rumour, Li’s studio issued a statement on Weibo, stating that there was no truth to it, adding that the actor has the right to take legal action against slanderers.

As for Fan Bingbing, the actress’ camp left a message in the blogger’s comment section, saying, “The news content about Ms. Fan Bingbing in this Weibo you posted is purely fabricated and untrue. I hope you will delete the false content.”

The post had since been taken down by the said blogger.

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The couple ended their four-year relationship in 2019

(Photo Source: China Press, Woah)