After announcing that she and McCoy de Leon have welcomed their first child together, Elisse Joson recently posted the first picture of her child.

On 31 October, the actress shared two photos of her baby, Felize on Instagram, and wrote, “Our little angel ready to say hello to the world.”

“Dearest Felize, life was uncertain before you came. I didn’t know which path to take, the choices to make. I didn’t know what to be, what I want to be… Now, nothing is clearer to me than to be the best me, to be the best mommy, for you.”

“I am lucky to have your daddy in my life and we are very lucky to have you, our greatest blessing, in our lives,” she added.

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Their baby girl is named Felize McKenzie

On the other hand, McCoy posted on Instagram of his thoughts on their child, writing, “God gave you not only a gift, he also gave you because you gave us your mother’s hope. We continue to be together because of you, because we know you will be the reason why we live in this world. Eternal pleasure you give us. From the time we saw it until now. I will admit I am afraid of this once turbulent world, but no matter what happens I will protect you for the rest of my life. I will love you more than myself. And now your mom and I are so happy to make you proud all over the world.”

On 1 November, the couple posted a video on Elisse’s YouTube, showing for the first time ever, their baby girl Felize McKenzie.

Watch the video here:

(Photo Source: Elisse Joson Instagram)