After being given the role of a widow in her new drama without an onscreen husband to play her dead husband, Elaine Yiu decided to instead use her imagination…

…and chose to pretend that her character was married to Moses Chan.

The TVB actress, who appeared at the promotional event of her new series, “The Ringmaster”, revealed that she plays the role of a woman who enters the world of boxing following the death of her husband, and ends up becoming friends and rivals with a former Muay Thai boxer, played by Wayne Lai.

“The script did not arrange for an actor to play my dead husband, so I had to rely on my imagination,” she explained.

Asked why Moses, Elaine joked, “Because the script describes the dead husband as having taste, rich, and cherished his wife.”

As to whether she imagined herself as Moses’ real life wife, Aimee Chan, she responded, “She’s alright.”

Asked why not choose Wayne as the object of her imaginary husband, Elaine laughed and said that both she and Moses have more similarities since they both studied in Australia and love coffee.

The new series tell the story of a man who decides to fight for a seat in the boxing world to avenge his dead brother. The series co-stars Owen Cheung, Shaun Tam and Winki Lai.

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Come on, we all imagine Moses Chan as our dead husband

(Photo Source: Elaine Yiu Instagram, Moses Chan Instagram)