Following the success of “The Battle at Lake Changjin”, Dante Lam confirmed that there is another movie where he collaborated yet again with Chen Kaige and Tsui Hark.

As reported on Singtao, the director, who appeared at the screening of the said movie in Hong Kong recently, confirmed rumours that there will be Part 2 of the Lake Changjin movie, saying that they will be releasing another film about the Water Gate Bridge incident.

“It is not a sequel, but another story that will be worked on by the original team. We have already filmed it, but we are not sure when it will be released. Hopefully sometime during the Lunar New Year next year,” he said.

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Dante Lam: Hopefully, the new movie will be released during the Lunar New Year next year

It is noted that the movie will be revolving around the Chinese People’s Volunteers (CPV) soldiers who take on a new task, with the location this time being the crucial bridge situated on the retreat route of the American soldiers.

On the other hand, “The Battle at Lake Changjin” has already made USD 858.4 million at the box office since its release in September.

The movie stars Wu Jing, Jackson Yee, Duan Yihong and Zhu Yawen among others and depicts the events of the Battle of the Chosin Reservoir during the Korean war.

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Wu Jing and Jackson Yee at the Beijing premiere of ‘The Battle at Lake Changjin’ in September

(Photo Source: Cinema Online, Singtao)