Bela Padilla recently confirmed that she has moved to London.

The actress dropped the bomb on Twitter on 22 November, writing, “So, I moved to London a few months ago. And I tried to find my footing first before sharing what it’s really like. Now, I’m ready to let you in to my life and tell you more about it!”

“Ask me anything you’d like to know about my move and I’ll answer as much as I can in a video,” she added.

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Bela enjoys the London life

Bela, however, gave no indication as to whether she is leaving for good, or if it means she is leaving her showbiz career as well.

It is noted that the actress has a family in the UK, seeing that her father Cornelio Sullivan is British.

While the actress will only be explaining more on her move “in a video”, it is noted that boyfriend Norman Bay was the happiest about it, replying to the tweet with, “I’m just happy I get to see you a lot more nowadays.”

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Boyfriend Norman is the happiest with the news

(Photo Source: Bela Padilla Instagram)