Bela Padilla recently assured that her acting career remains intact despite moving to the United Kingdom to be closer to her family. The actress has family in the UK, as her father Cornelio Sullivan is British.

The actress shared the news on 26 November on Twitter, following numerous questions from fans who were surprised by her recent announcement that she has moved to London.

“I’m getting a lot of DMs asking me why I quit my job. I didn’t say I was gone for good. I’m just currently based in London since the pandemic is still ongoing,” she said.

Bela also stated that she will be having a new movie coming out in February next year, and that Viva had just contacted her to write her next film.

It was last week that the actress revealed that she has moved to London and will share more about her life in the European city.

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Bela with her UK family
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Boyfriend Norman Bay is happy to have her near

(Photo Source: Bela Padilla Instagram)