The Andy Lau-starrer, “Crisis Route” has finally wrapped up filming after nearly two months in production.

As reported on Mingpao, the actor, who appeared on the last day of the shoot, stated that he would miss working with the cast and crew, especially Zhang Zifeng, who played the role of his daughter in the movie.

“Zifeng and I had great chemistry as father and daughter. The two of us and Liu Tao (who played his wife in the film) were cooperating and coordinating with each other on the set often that after a long while, we became very familiar with each other, like a family of three,” he said.

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Andy’s character faces off a group of hijackers onboard a plane

Directed by Oxide Pang, the movie stars Andy as a former special police officer who finds himself having to defend his former wife and their child, as well as 800 other passengers of an Airbus A380 flight against a group of hijackers.

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Liu Tao plays Andy’s wife in ‘Crisis Route’

(Photo Source: Andy Lau Fans Club Instagram, Liu Tao Fansite Instagram)