Alan Tam is now threatening legal action against a netizen who accused him of having an affair with the latter’s girlfriend.

As reported on Mingpao, not a day following the previous allegation, the singer’s company stated that their legal team is currently handling the incident and will be taking legal action.

They also issued a solemn statement, saying, “Someone published false news and reports about Mr. Alan Tam on the media platform today. Impact Entertainment and Mr. Tam strongly condemned and denied the incident. As we all know, Mr. Alan Tam loved his work passionately for the past decades, supported the younger generations, contributed to his country and to society, and respected his fans, and spared no effort to contribute to the country and society.”

“As a member of the Hong Kong election committee/s, he will not sit idly by and ignore behaviours that harm his personal image and must take appropriate course of action to stop those who are damaging his reputation.”

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Alan will be taking legal action against the netizen who made malicious allegations

It was back on 24 November that a mainland netizen posted a long article on Weibo, alleging that the 71-year-old star had an affair with his girlfriend, and even boldly tagged the singer in the post.

In the now deleted post, the man said that he had always been supportive of his girlfriend and her love for the singer as a fan, but grew suspicious when he checked her phone and saw incriminating photos of her having an affair with Alan.

He also accused the singer of recycling fans’ gifts by giving them to other fans.

Aside from tagging Alan in the post, the netizen also posted photos of the back side of a man whom he alleged to be Tam in what looks like a hotel room.

(Photo Source: South China Morning Post, Mingpao)