Chinese actor Zhang Bo has had enough of people mistakenly identifying him as the actor who was involved in a drug abuse case and was arrested in 2015.

As reported on Singtao, the “Nirvana in Fire 2” actor recently took to Weibo to express his frustration over the blunder, stating that it has happened to him time and time again – where the media used his image to report on the other Zhang Bo.

“Please, I really didn’t take drugs, I didn’t do it before, and I will never do it in the future! That is the actor Zhang Bo with the same name, surname, and profession. It’s really not me!” he retorted.

Zhang also stated that he has been busy working for the past few days and was surprised upon finding more news of the actor Zhang Bo but with his image.

“I’ve clarified many times, I’m really tired, I don’t want to talk about this anymore. Can some media friends have some basic professionalism? Aren’t you supposed to find out who the person is before typing on your keyboard? Thank you! I will not send the lawyer’s letter, so hurry up and rectify it! It’s not good to wrong a good person.”

(Photo Source: Weimeicun)