Will Smith has recently confirmed the one thing we all know about him – he is not a fan of his 1999 movie, “Wild Wild West”

The actor, who participated on GQ’s “Actually Me” series, shared as much about the said steampunk Western movie, which flopped at the box office and received much criticism from both critics and fans alike when it came out.

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Will Smith: “Wild Wild West” is a thorn in my side

“Wild Wild West is a thorn in my side. To see myself in chaps… I don’t like it,” he said.

It is noted that not only did the movie received eight Razzie nominations and won him Worst Original Song for the “Wild Wild West” theme, Smith also turned down the role of Neo in “The Matrix” for the said film. Say what?!

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Yup, he said no to “Matrix” for “Wild Wild West”. He could have stopped bullets!

On the other hand, Smith revealed that he considered “Men in Black” – the movie that became a box office hit, and “The Pursuit of Happyness” – the movie that enabled him to get an Oscar nomination, to be his best films.

“For different reasons, those are the two almost-perfect movies,” he said.

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Will Smith considers “Men in Black” one of his best movies
The other being “The Pursuit of Happyness”, where his real son Jaden played his on-screen son. It landed him his first Oscar nomination

Let’s take a look at a few more of his movies which we think are some of Will Smith’s best work.

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Independence Day (1996), the film where he went from being the Fresh Prince to Mr Smith
The Bad Boys” franchise with Martin Lawrence in 1995, followed by its sequels in 2003 & 2020
Will played boxer ‘The Greatest’ Muhammad Ali in the 2001 biopic “Ali”. His portrayal of the late boxer earned him his second Oscar nomination. He didn’t win though
Will with the late Muhammad Ali. He was among the pallbearers who carried Ali’s coffin during the funeral in 2016
Will was an “Enemy of the State” in the 1998 Tony Scott action-thriller
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As a dating coach, Will has to give dating advise to Kevin James in the romantic comedy ‘Hitch’
Just me and my dog in “I Am Legend”