Sylvia Sanchez recently announced that she is taking a short break from showbiz following the end of her series, “Huwag Kang Mangamba”.

The actress, who portrays the mentally-challenged Barang in the said Kapamilya series, stated that she wants to take a really good rest as the character took a lot from her – physically and mentally.

“I spoke to director Ruel [Bayani], let me rest first. I’m drained emotionally and physically by Barang,” she said.

Sylvia also stated that after playing such a challenging but meaningful character like Barang, she has nothing left to give, at least for the time being.

“That’s what in my brain right now. Let me relax first. For me to come back, you will see something new,” she added.

Asked how long she would prefer to rest, Sylvia stated that she has not been taking a lot of breaks since 2016, so would hope to take at least six months to one year of hiatus.

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Sylvia plays a mentally-challenged person in the series

(Photo Source: Sylvia Sanchez Instagram, ABS-CBN)