There are many beauty queens in TVB, from Grace Chan to Sisley Choi, Crystal Fung to Hera Chan, but according to Hong Kong viewers, it was Ali Lee who is the prettiest one of all.

In a recent episode of Hong Kong’s version of “Family Feud”, viewers were asked to name TVB female artistes that are prettier in person, based on the survey made on TVB employees as well as the actors alike.

The broadcaster later released the results, which showed that it was the “AI Romantic” star who is the majority’s pick, with 28 votes out of 100 people, followed by Mayanne Mak with 20 votes, Tracy Chu with 16, Grace Chan with 11, and Winki Lai at 10.

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Ali is a natural beauty

The choice was further approved by netizens, with those who have met her in real life saying that she really is more beautiful in person.

It is noted that unlike a huge number of TVB artistes, Ali did not start her career as a Miss Hong Kong, but modelled her way into showbiz by signing first with Cable TV in 2008, and making her debut in 2012 with TVB following the expiry of her contract.

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Miss HK 2013 and Miss Chinese International 2014 Grace Chan only got fourth place
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Tracy Chu was the 2nd runner-up in Miss Hong Kong 2012

(Photo Source: Ali Lee Instagram, Grace Chan InstagramTracy Chu Instagram)