After losing movie projects and brand deals due to the controversy surrounding his past relationship, it was recently revealed that actor Kim Seon-Ho could have actually been a victim of cancel culture and one-sided story.

In an expose by Korean media outlet, Dispatch, known for breaking celebrity news, a series of text message conversations and information provided by various people who knew Kim and his ex-girlfriend appeared to show that Kim’s kindness had been taken advantage of by the said former girlfriend who was identified as a former weathercaster turned social media influencer.

Based on the information relayed, Kim was described as a dedicated boyfriend who took care of his partner amid an unplanned pregnancy, and had even learned to cook seaweed soup for two weeks following the abortion – a new ability he later revealed on his variety show, “2 Days & 1 Night”.

Sources also stated that Kim had never attempted to hide their romance, unlike what the woman previously alleged.

Another source stated that the allegations that Kim lied to the woman in question was false, and that it was the girlfriend who had supposedly been seeing other men and secretly keeping video content of Kim on her personal devices. In addition, the actor was reportedly harassed by the woman’s ex-husband.

It is noted that Kim had not defended himself against the allegations made about him earlier, and instead apologised for his supposed mistakes.

His agency has decided to keep mum regarding the issue.

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Kim Sean-Ho and his co-star Shin Min Ah in the hit ‘Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha’

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