Although many believed that he could have a chance at a TV King nomination this year, TVB actor Shaun Tam recently stated that it is too early for him to even be talking about it.

As reported on Mingpao, the actor, whose new drama, “Take Two” will be premiering on 18 October, stated that he has never thought about winning Best Actor at the TVB Anniversary Awards and would rather focus on promoting the drama for now.

“When it comes to the awards, there are many factors when it comes to the competition. You wouldn’t even know your chance until the last moment, so you should do your part first,” he said.

Shaun is also proud of the said drama, stating that there are a lot of plots and relationships in the drama that are worth following.

In “Take Two”, the actor plays the role of a man who is given the chance to go back to the past in order to make up for his past mistakes and avoid the tragic ending of his girlfriend (played by Gloria Tang).

It is one of the four dramas chosen to be TVB’s anniversary series this year, which means that the actor will have a bigger chance to win an award at the upcoming event.

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Shaun stars in ‘Take Two’ with Gloria Tang

(Photo Source: Shaun Tam Instagram, SOHU)