After many years of playing the lead, Peter Ho recently revealed that he no longer cares too much about being the protagonist for his future acting works.

As reported on Epoch Times, the actor, who made an appearance at a brand event recently, revealed that he has been busy producing, directing, and writing for his HBO series, “Who’s By Your Side” that he hopes to continue to do more behind-the-camera works in the future. The series star Vivian Hsu, Kaiser Chuang and Janine Chang.

“Directing is the path in my future plan. It’s been the happiest and most exciting thing in my life,” he said.

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Peter directs ‘Who’s By Your Side’

However, Peter stressed that he is not retiring from his acting job anytime soon, though admitted that he doesn’t care so much about playing the lead role.

“If I play a supporting character, I can spend more time trying new things, like playing villains,” he added.

On the other hand, when asked about his personal plans, Peter, who has been married to wife Peggy Lin for five years, said that he will just go with the flow when it comes to having children.

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Peter married his wife Peggy in 2016

(Photo Source: Peter Ho Facebook)