Paulo Avelino has recently defended Jake Cuenca over the controversy of the actor’s recent bump with the authority.

The actor, who admitted that Jake was on his way to Paulo’s house to visit when the “Los Bastardos” actor accidentally hit a patrol car in Mandaluyong City and decided to drive away from the scene, stated that he would have done the same thing, especially when the police decided to shoot at his car.

“I wouldn’t stop for anyone shooting my vehicle wearing civilian clothes. [Did he] pass through a checkpoint? Was he blocked?” the actor asked. “If someone was shooting me it’s either I shoot back or run for my life. Wrong place, wrong time.”

To questions as to whether Jake had been drunk during the incident, Paulo said, “Drunk? No. Did he drink? Maybe. Did he hit someone? Hurt someone? No.”

He also admitted to have seen Jake’s car from the incident and saw that it did not look like it had hit a car at all. Paulo added that the car that Jake hit was not even an official police vehicle, but a private car.

It is noted that Jake was arrested by the Mandaluyong police for reckless imprudence after he drove away after hitting a patrol car on 9 October. However, it was the police that accidentally hit a Grab driver with a stray bullet while trying to shoot at Jake’s tyres during the car chase.

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Jake was driving his black Jeep Wrangler when the incident happened

(Photo Source: Paulo Avelino Instagram, Jake Cuenca Instagram)