Veteran actor Oh Young-Soo recently admitted that he is being extra cautious following the success of his Netflix series, “Squid Game”.

In an interview on MBC’s “How Do You Play”, the 76 year-old actor, who made news earlier for rejecting an offer to be a spokesperson for a chicken restaurant, stated that he is trying his best to have some self-control and not to be easily influenced by his sudden popularity.

“Everyday life has also changed. Even if I went to a cafe or anywhere, I became conscious of it. It made me think that being famous is challenging,” he said.

Oh admitted that the chicken brand was not the only business that has contacted him, and that there has been a lot of calls lately.

“I don’t have a manager, so it has been hard for me to handle all the calls. My daughter has been helping me with it,” he said.

The actor also added that he doesn’t have any big ambitions at his age, but would rather let things be as it is.

“Simply put, if you go to a mountain and see a flower, a young person would pick it and take it for ourself. But at my age, you leave it there exactly as it is and you will go back to see it again later. It’s the same with life. Leave things as they are. It isn’t easy,” he said.

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The veteran actor with ‘Squid Game’ co-star Lee Jung-Jae

(Photo Source: Oh Young-Soo Fanpage Instagram)