Nicholas Tse recently admitted that he does intend to continue the “Raging Fire” series, but the death of director Benny Chan has put him at a loss on what to do next.

As reported on Mingpao, the actor, who is enjoying the current success of the late director’s posthumous work, stated that he has considered making a prequel and has actually many more ideas on where to go with the project.

“But Benny is no longer here. When I made “Raging Fire”, I told myself that I hope to continue on with this director, to make more action movies with him. But now that he is gone, I’m caught off guard. It’s not like I am able to just click with any director and to have the same trust to do dangerous scenes,” he said.

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‘Raging Fire’ was Benny Chan’s last movie

However, Nic stressed that he will not let the franchise die, and will think of something eventually.

“As for whom I will work on it with and how to keep going, I don’t know for now,” he added.

Asked if he would direct the movies himself, the actor stated that it is not yet time for him to make his directorial debut.

“But I will not rule out becoming an action director,” he added.

Director Benny Chan passed away in August last year after a year of battling cancer. He was 58.

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Nic, with Donnie Yen (second from right) and Benny Chan (right)

(Photo Source: Emperor Motion Pictures Instagram, Raging Fire Instagram)