After receiving complaints from one poor unsuspecting mobile user over the flooding of thousands of calls and text messages, Netflix has decided to remove a real-life Korean phone number seen in the hit series, “Squid Game”.

It all started with a scene of the series where a card is given to potential participants that featured a phone number to call for a chance to compete for a cash prize of KRW45.6 billion. Viewers, being the curious cats that they are, decided to test the number to see whether there is a hidden Easter egg as most shows would do.

However, unbeknownst to the creators of the show, the said number actually belonged to a real person, with the said owner had since been inundated with thousands of calls and texts.

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The card

According to sources, “Squid Game” creators did not intend for such a thing to happen, as they believed that the number could not be dialed if they excluded the first three digits.

A spokesperson from the streaming service confirmed recently that it will be editing out scenes that include the phone number. At the same time, Netflix Korea has also remind viewers to refrain from texting and calling the said number.

Don’t expect to get Gong Yoo on the phone by calling the number!