Never one to miss out on capitalising a popular show, Netflix has recently begun launching the official merchandise for the hit Korean series, “Squid Game”.

The Netflix Shop recently announced their new shirts and hoodies based on the said show, including one featuring the show’s logo and key images, a ‘Choose Your Own Game’ custom shirt, as well as an Icons hoodie where you can choose either the square, triangle or circle that showed the different ranks.

“Squid Game is here,” the shop announced on its page. “Accept the invitation at your own risk. If you’re like us and love ‘Squid Game,’ you’ve come to the right place — and the stakes aren’t as high.”

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The shirts and hoodies go from USD 34.90 to USD 49.95.

Sadly, however, there are (not yet) “Squid Game” player tracksuits or red guard jumpsuits available, which fans of the show may be more interested in especially now we’re in the month of Halloween. was launched back in June, and had since sold merchandise for shows like “Sex Education,” “The Witcher,” “Lupin,” and anime series “Yasuke” and “Eden” – though they are currently available for purchase in the US only.