If there is one thing Natalie Tong would say to aspiring actors everywhere, it would be to keep on trying.

As reported on Mingpao, the actress, who attended the promotional event of her new drama, “The Kwoks and What” recently, shared that she recently was a guest speaker at a university where she shared about her acting experience, and was told by a female student that the latter has been rejected time and time again at auditions.

“I told her that if you like acting, you should stick with it and don’t give up. Just like me. I used to be told that I was too thin to be a heroine, and that I wasn’t tall enough. I told myself that if I like acting, I shouldn’t care about what others think,” she said.

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Natalie and her co-star Joe Ma

“Just grit your teeth and keep going. Plus, I am a headstrong person. I will keep doing what I like,” the 2019 TVB Best Actress added.

Her words were echoed by co-star Joe Ma, who stated that it is important to persist in the industry.

“I was cast in a horror movie in the past. Two days into the shoot, I was replaced with a different actor because I was a newcomer. This business is hard,” he admitted.

Asked if he considered himself successful as an actor now, Joe said, “You still have to work hard.”

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Natalie Tong wins TVB Best Actress in 2019

(Photo Source: Natalie Tong InstagramMingpao)