Mikee Morada recently blasted talent manager Lolit Solis, after the latter spread misinformation about wife Alex Gonzaga’s supposed miscarriage.

The whole issue sparked on 9 October, when Lolit, who is known to always give her opinions on celebrities, told her Instagram followers that the actress and social media influencer allegedly had a miscarriage but kept it hidden for an “exclusive” update for her vlog.

“Very petty, isn’t it?” she added, referring to Gonzaga’s family. “You’re hiding the news just for a vlog? Alex is married, and how to keep that medical record?”

In response to the post, the Lipa City councillor took to the comments and expressed his frustration, calling the post “heartbreaking” and “disappointing”.

“You didn’t just write about Alex, it’s about my wife and me,” he said. “So I ask for your respect. Don’t make up a story in this kind of situation, especially since you don’t know the real story. Thank you.”

Alex has never directly admitted to being pregnant, although it’s been rumoured after she spoke her thoughts on becoming a parent a few months ago.

While the social media influencer herself has not addressed the situation, she did post a tweet on 11 October that read, “Good morning! This is a reminder that there are people who are fighting their own personal battles silently, everyday. Please be kind.”

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Alex and her husband were married last November

(Photo Source: Alex Gonzaga Instagram)